Don't see your key fob here? Text me a picture of your key fob (949)505-5627.

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For $19.99 per Key fob copy or duplication this simple service allows you to mail your key fob to us and we will simply duplicate the key fob and send you back copies with your originals. We offer next day express or standard shipping (1-2 business days). The time we receive your key fob we process it that day and send it out for shipping.


The In-Person key fob copy or duplication service is by appointment only. The duplication process of the RFID key fobs is quick and easy under 10 minutes. Schedule an appointment now! We accept cash, credit, venmo, or paypal.

Duplicate By Serial Number

If you have an HIDioProxAWID or Mircom key fob/card that has the string of numbers that appears as the images below email or text 949-505-5627 an image of the key fob.

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Supported Key Fobs

Don't see your key fob here? Text me 949-505-5627 a picture of your key fob!

The key fobs below are the are currently what we support for key fob copy or duplication at the moment. Our capabilities are always growing. Make sure to contact us to inquire about your key fob.

Low Frequency Key Fob copy duplication compatibility

Supported Remotes
The multi-button remotes #09 through #12 in the images below. We can only  duplicate the RFID portion into a standard key fob #08. This functionality only opens gates, doors or elevators when you waive the key fob across the RFID reader. We cannot duplicate the remote functionality that opens garages by pushing the button.
Low Frequency Key Fob copy duplication compatibility

High Frequency Key Fobs

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Email us at and we'll contact you as soon as we can support the following key fobs.