How To Duplicate a RFID Key Fob

First, it will be of value to understand what RFID Key Fobs are. Please refer to my RFID Key Fobs Explained page for details.

In order to duplicate a RFID key fob copy you will need the following:

(1) The original RFID key fob
(2) RFID system that has the capability to read and write duplicate that type of key fob copy
(3) The correct Re-writeable key fobs

I have been duplicating key fobs for several years now. Depending on the type of key fob the complexity varies. I have heard from some of my clientele and customers that purchased the inexpensive $20 handheld RFID writer cloning systems and ran into issues. The key is to understand the different types of RFID Key Fobs that lead to successful duplication.

The Low Frequency key fobs are less complex than the High Frequency key fobs. 

See my How to duplicate a key fob video to see the process.