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RFID Key fobs for apartments, homes, pools and more!

Supported RFID Products

Key Fobs

We can duplicate most RFID key fobs in the market. Search through our collection and if you do not see your key fob here text us an image at (949)505-5627. 


The RFID key fob remotes have 2 features where you push a button and the RFID key fob portion. Search through our collections and if you do not see your key card here contact us.

Key Cards

We can duplicate most RFID key cards in the market. Search through our collections and if you do not see your key card here contact us. 

Simple 4 Step Process

Identify Your RFID Product

Though there are hundreds of different RFID key fobs it's important to make sure we carry your desired key fob. If you don't see your key fob, card or remote listed in our products page or compatibility page please feel free to contact us via Text (949) 505-5627 or Email


RFID Key Fobs are categorized by the frequency band in which it operates. Low, High or Ultra-high frequency. We support all major keyfob suppliers, If your key fob is not listed on our products site email us a picture and we will determine compatibility at

Send Us Your Key

After you select a key fob and place your order you have one of two options, you can mail us your key fob or send us the serial number which we can then take and create a copy with. You can find more info on our product services and options by browsing our products page. 

Receive Your Copy

Our keys will be sent out within 1-2 Business Day, we also have a priority express next-day shipping option as well. If for any reason you have not received your copy after 3-5 days please contact us via our help page. Our goal is to make this this a seamless and smooth process.

How Key Fobs Are Duplicated