Mail-in Service

Our Mail-In service allows you to mail us your RFID key fob so that we can create copies for you. 


STEP 1: Check for compatibility. If your key fob is not listed here email us a picture and we will determine compatibility at

STEP 2: Add to cart and check out. 

STEP 3: To send us your key fob or card, please mail it to the address provided below. It's important that (1) to use a sturdy or padded envelope to protect the key fob during shipping. Additionally, (2) include a tracking number with your mailing so that we can track your package and confirm that we receive your key fob promptly. This measure helps to prevent any potential loss of your key fob during transit.

Mailing Address:
6789 Quail Hill Pkwy Suite 314
Irvine, CA 92603

STEP 4: Receive your key fob(s) in 1 to 5 business days from when we receive your keys. We also offer the next day delivery option during checkout.

How long does it take?

1 day to process plus the transit time. That is the shipping speed you select to send your fob back and forth. 
For example: Fed Ex or UPS overnight shipping back and forth 2 days, plus 1 day processing.

We all know how confusing RFID key fobs are. Not sure which type of RFID key fob that you own? Check out the Key Fobs Explained page to shed some light. If you are still confused do not hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer: The HOA, Apartment and/or Business policies differs for each organization. Using our services is attesting that you are responsible for the duplication and the laws/policies.  Thanks for your using sumokey for your Key Fob Duplication Services.