Compatible RFID Key Fobs

To check for compatibility refer to the image below. If your key fob is not listed here email us a picture and we will determine compatibility at

Which Doors Does Your Key Fobs Access?

Does it open: 
(A) The apartment or condo unit's front door into your living space?
(B) Amenities doors, gates, or elevators?
(C) All of the above?

(A) High Frequency: Apartment or condo door into living space
(B) Low Frequency: Amenity gates, elevators, buildings, pools and gyms
(C) Dual Frequency: 
All of the above

These RFID Key Fobs are categorized by the frequency band in which it operates. Low, High or Ultra-high frequency. However, there are two major categories of RFID systems – Active and Passive, and we are explaining each of their types and frequencies below. 

Low Frequency Key Fob Compatibility

For the multi button remotes 09 through 12 we can only duplicate the RFID portion into a standard key fob #08. The functionality that opens gates, doors or elevators when you waive the key fob across the RFID reader. The remote functionality to open garages by pushing the button is not supported.

High Frequency Key Fobs


Duplicate your High Frequency Key Fob Copy - MIWA, Schlage, Mifare 1k | sumokey

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Process by serial number:

If you have an ioProxAWID or Mircom key fob/card that has the string of numbers that appears as the images below email or text 949-505-5627 an image of the key fob.

Duplicate your RFID Key Fob copy by the serial number | sumokey

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