Expert Schlage 9691T High Frequency Key Fob Copy and Cloning Near You for Your Apartment Complex

Schlage 9691T

If you've recently moved into an apartment complex that uses high frequency key fobs, you may have already realized that finding a reliable key fob copy and cloning service near you can be a challenge. Many local kiosks and locksmiths only offer low frequency copying, leaving you with only partial access to your apartment complex.

The Schlage 9691T is a dual frequency RFID key fob that provides advanced encryption for enhanced security. However, duplicating the high frequency portion of the key fob can be a challenge for many copy and cloning services. That's why it's crucial to find a reliable and experienced provider that can deliver accurate and efficient copies.

It's important to note that copying only the low frequency portion of the key fob will only grant access to the apartment unit's outside gates and amenities. In some cases, apartment complexes may not even use the low frequency chip, rendering the copied fob completely useless.

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