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Schlage 9691T Copying and Cloning Service

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Introducing the Schlage 9691T - a cutting-edge RFID key fob that combines two different chip types (low and high frequency) and advanced encryption technology for unparalleled security.

As more and more apartment buildings switch from traditional metal keys to RFID key fobs for enhanced safety, the Schlage 9691T provides a reliable and convenient solution for access control. Please note that due to the dual frequency chip design, two fobs will be produced per copy.

Depending on the specific needs of your apartment, condo or business complex, the high frequency chip may be used for apartment unit doors and elevators, while the low frequency chip may be used for outside gates and access to amenities.

YES! We can duplicate both the high frequency and low frequency functions.
While some customers have reported difficulties in copying high frequency fobs at key fob copy kiosks and other cloning companies, we offer a reliable and efficient service that can duplicate both high and low frequency fobs. Don't hesitate to contact us today to get your high frequency key fob copied with confidence.

We offer the following services:

Use our "chat with us" feature below or text us at (949)505-5627.

Disclaimer: The HOA, Apartment and/or Business policies differs for each organization. Using our services is attesting that you are responsible for the duplication and the laws/policies.  Thanks for your using sumokey for your Key Fob Duplication Services.

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