Duplicate Your Key Fob or Card by Serial Number

This collection of RFID key fobs we can duplicate by serial number that is listed on the key fob. Please refer to the product image and enter the serial number depicted on the key fob into the product notes.

If the format or number of digits does not look correct.

Please text customer service at (949)505-5627 or email us at sales@sumokey.com.

Supported Key Fobs or Card:

  • AWID
  • Kantech ioProx remote
  • ioProx
  • HID
  • Monarch

Disclaimer: Sumokey operates out of California, and under the current state law, there are no restrictions on copying a key you legally own whether it is to your front door, the front gate or a community access point, like a pool or gym. Feel free to check the local laws in your area if you have any other concerns.